Anomalies, experience, story and some advises

Good morning pilots of Eve online I want to open this post so that everyone who has experience about anomalies tips and anecdotes. Thank you very much and have an excellent week

@Snowlight_Campbell Do you have any questions, experience, story or advice to share?


No, unfortunately not yet, I like to hear the anecdotes of the pilots and get excited before going myself to try them since I am a family man and my playing time is very short so I like to inspire myself before each game, for example If today I manage to finish the housework and the tasks with my daughters when I get back from work, maybe I’ll have an hour to play to make the most of the fantasy of this wonderful universe, and you have anecdotes to tell or adventures to tell? You are welcome friend to tell us your experience, because it is this same fascinating fantasy that inspires us all to play

OK. I start.
We were living in null sec. We were young, we were quite newbies. We had started to do scanned ded sites in groups of 2-4 corpmates, and shared the loot at the end. Because, you know, in other MMOs, you do pve in group.
One day, one of our corpmate was tackled while ratting in his new rattlesnake, and lost it. We were sad for him.
The day after, i scanned a 6/10. We had never done a 6/10 before. We entered it with the guy who had lost his rattle and another corpmate. We cleaned the npcs, killed the boss. And in private convo the third guy and me had decided that all the loot would go to the guy who had lost this rattle. We told him “loot it, all the loot will be for you, we have no idea whether you will get 50M or more, but all the loot is yours”. The guy said “are you sure”? we said “yes, go!”. He looted the wreck and looted…1.1 BILLION!. He wanted to share it with us, but we said “no, no, no. you take all”.
The day after he was flying a new rattle, easily afforded…
“Friendship, best ship”


Ill offer one too.

I was out in the middle of unknown space, actively looking for people to hunt in anoms. I was cloaked up, warping around and didnt even bother with combat probes cause i was too lazy.

I warp into a combat anom. I see a ratting ishtar.

He is quite a ways away, orbitting at a large distance while his drones are 70km away hitting rats.

I wait, patiently. He slowly rotates around to within 10km, and i match his trajectory with mine.

6 seconds later, i decloak…

In an Helios.

I die, as he abandons his drones and switches to hobs.

I was so angry at my loss that i quit eve forever.

2 seconds later, i join eve again and keep playing. Probably the 3rd time i had vowed to quit eve. But its like living in a hotel in california. I check out but never seem to get to leave.


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