My First Post : An Introduction + Extending A Helping Hand

Hello to whom this may concern at this time,

Welcome to Eve Online! (If Applicable)

I am Burns 2PvP an around 50m Skill Points Stealthbomber and I have not been active on these forums. This is my first post however! (To my knowledge)
My wish is to extend a helping hand to all newbros, if you need something theoretical like a fitting made up, Pm me. Need someone to fleet up with ? Pm me. Need a Blueprint copy of a certain ship to test out the waters in manufacturing ? … You get the idea.

A bit of history on me. I used to run 4 corps in my history of Eve Online, and kept to myself and the corp for the most part.
Each one has had their own issues from different structure attempts, mostly being espionaged at the higher ranks due to personal greed.
… Must mean I am doing something correct, right ?

What I do in Eve Online :
I started off with the vision of industry, and stayed persistent. It has been a long journey so far, however in the time i’ve been learning how the game’s background works, i’ve aquired the taste for pvp in the fashion of covert ops in mass. 4 covert ops is the max I have had in a SB pilot fleet in perspective to the veteran reading this, however it has been fun.

What i’m looking for :
Newbros :smiley: I am extending my hand out to you especially, I understand the journey is rough… My first week I ran around with no clue on what the game, market, ships, equipment or essentially anything was. Me and my friends at the time came across the question of, “How do you move…?” more than once.

If you are interested in coming to join me for a fleet, or want to get in contact to get some information for yourself, don’t hesitate to contact me.


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