Recently returned player 50 mil sp main w/4 alts lf low class WH PvP corp

Recently returned and am looking for a place to get my wormhole on with like minded people. I am a covert focused pilots (t3cs, BLOPs etc…) with a particular focus on caldari/minmatar shield ships. I am looking specifically for a low class group (c4 down) who are intent on small-med gang pvp. Not interested in alliances, high class WH or corps that spend 90% of the day doing sites, thats cool and all but whats the point without people to blow up to all that isk?

Anyways I am open for newer corps, smaller corps, long standing but relatively small size corps so long as PvP (In Wormholes, I hate low and 0.0) is the primary thing the corp does.

What I offer:
Main 50 mil sp - golem/widow cal-minnie t3c/all t3 cruisers/frigs/dessies
alt 1- freighter/cloaky hauler/stratios/max probing
alt 2- tengu
alt 3- working up booster loki currently just maxed prober (astero/stratios)
alt 4- newest of the bunch backup prober/roller

I have experience in nearly every part of WH PvP and PvE. I managed a c4 wh alliance while operating as a co-ceo in Black Legion at the same time for several years without issue before I stopped playing in 2016. I am mainly looking for fights, I can PvE but i prefer not to.

If I seem like I might be a fit feel free to convo me in game, eve mail me or reply here. Currently I have a c2 c1/hs that I am moving out of to sell, that is my only current issue.

Thanks for your time,

Hi Nikara,

We’re a very new wormhole corp looking to bolster our ranks. PvP is definitely a focus of mine but we welcome pve and indy folks as well. If you are interested in joining a laid-back corp in the early days of establishing itself, check out my posting.

hey buddy
i woot like to have a talk whit you plz take a look add what we do
and maby we are a fit

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