WTB Scanning Pilot


(Erin Evenmoore) #1

Looking for a scanning pilot for exploration.

Skills preferred:

Archaeology V

Hacking V

Astrometric Acquisition V

Astrometric Pinpointing V

Astrometric Rangefinding V

Astrometrics V

Post here, PM me or chat with me in game

(Erin Evenmoore) #2

Still searching for a scanning pilot

(Erin Evenmoore) #3

Still searching

(Erin Evenmoore) #4

Still searching for scanning pilot

(Elisha Valor) #5

You will not find many perfect scanning pilots. Simply because waiting 48 days to and 50+ days to get two of the skills to level 5, when they have virtually no impact on your success.

V Hacking
V Relic
V Astrometrics
IV Everything else will be about as close as you’re going to get.

(Erin Evenmoore) #6

Are you selling?

(Elisha Valor) #7

I could be interested in selling my 6.3m scanner focused toon. Great Astero Pilot, Buzzard Pilot, Can use tech 2 light drones in all categories. What were you looking at paying? If interested I can shoot a eve board.

(Erin Evenmoore) #8

I am certainly interested in taking a look if you would let me

Payment would depend on skills of pilot of course

(JuuR Zibaoo) #9

@Elisha_Valor if @Erin_Evenmoore is not interessted … contact me please

(HippyChick 420) #10

Hi there perfect scanning toon here let me know if you still looking to buy

(HippyChick 420) #11


(PedroSTF) #12


(system) #13

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