Help for a new player

I have done a couple wormholes and decided they are really fun. I have about 200m. Should I buy a new ship other than the magnates I am using or continue using magnates until I get more money. I am alpha btw. Also, is there a way to scan faster?

there are scanning skills but most are locked out of Alpha.
Astrometric Rangefinding
Astrometric Acquisition can both be trained to II
Astrometrics and Survey can be trained to III

I would wait until you can make more isk, or if you lose your ship, before just buying another one.

Oh I lose like 4 ships a day but I profit anyway. I am hopeless against anyone with skill.

skill points vs in game skill is not the same thing… learn how to use what you got, and you can out perform someone with better skill points.


You already got the Magnate, so you might aswell use it until it gets blown to pieces:D You could switch to an Astero if you want to, unless you got amarr Frigs on 5, the astero has better scanning traits, and hacking traits aswell.
There is a module called “Scan Rangefinding Array I” and a rig called “Small Gravity Capacitor Ugrade I”, the help you to scan faster, and should be buyable on an alpha account:)

You can use both mentioned above, but for the rangefinding array I, you do need Astrometric Rangefinding at II

I am suspicious. This is the 2nd time in the past yr that a new player has joined the forums, asked so many intelligent questions, charmed the forum trolls, learned so much and provided so much positive feedback in such a short time.



Shhhhh, don’t tell others their being nice otherwise they will default into being edgy.

They are nice to him and teach him so he becomes a more fun prey to murder. :wink:

i would stick with the magnate. there’s no point in flying an astero without a cloak.

with the magnate, you can equip four warp core stabilizers. most solo gankers aren’t equipped to tackle ships with four warp core stabs.

Oh alright thanks. Don’t know what half of that means but I will continue until I get omega.

Oh does it make me like turn and align faster?

warp core stabilizers provide some protection against being warp scrambled. when you’re warp scrambled or warp disrupted, you can’t warp out. you’ll essentially become stuck where you are.

an average warp scrambler provides 2 “points” of strength, while a warp core stabilizer provides 1 “point” of protection. so you need two warp core stabilizers (2 “points”) to warp away from someone using a single warp scrambler on you (2 “points”).

These right?
Holy crap you just saved me from a gank I just warped away

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Yep, those!

In some situations the warp core stabilizers are awesome (a bomber uncloaked to catch the hauling ship of my alt yesterday, but I could warp off laughing because his scram couldn’t stop my ship).

The downside of warp core stabilizers is that it’s much harder to target something (takes more time and you have less range) so they’re not always good. For exploration they are pretty useful though!

Is cloaking necessary for exploration? I bought an astero after grinding money and I am wondering if I really need cloaking. I already have a fit in mind but I am too scared to go out.

Thanks for the help I will be sure to use them.

Cloaking really helps but is not necessary. Without cloak you will die more often, but when you use cheap ships this is not a big issue.

The Astero can use a CovOps cloak and I really recommend not to use it without such a cloak as it is a much more expensive loss compared to t1 exploration frigates.

IIRC, you are alpha right? if so then you cannot use cloaking until you are Omega