Quick tips?

Was wondering if I could get tips on starting exploration? Data/Relic sites. Every time I undock and go scan I only ever find worm holes or combat anomalys. Was thinking I am doing something wrong?

Also, with sisters of eve arc, I can’t seem to get past Dagon’s sheild tanking lol I am using a rupture but still no luck. Any tips on that as well?

Go down those wormholes. You’re much more likely to find data and relic sites that haven’t been looted and on top of that they’re more valuable. Once you’re in a wormhole you can also make your way through other holes and find more sites.

Only other tip would be to make sure you’re not scanning down combat sites to 100%. As soon as you know it’s not something useful, hide it from your results and move on.

Good luck!

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I’m assuming you’re searching for sites in high sec? Any sites that usually spawn there are picked clean pretty quickly, you’ll have a lot better luck finding sites in low or null sec. I’d recommend low because it’s quite a bit easier to avoid gatecamps, and if you stick to empty systems you’ll usually be fine.

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Switch ammo types.

What’s your fit?

Also if you need help with Dagan, I can help you out.

Yep, that’s tough for a new player.
Sounds like you’re Minmatar. You can try a Thrasher: Seven 200mm Autocannons and two Gyrostabilizers should deliver enough DPS to break the active shield.

I did ! Was doing some gas mining instead though

I am lol. Although I am training in gallente ships too. I have a thrasher in asset security I guess I should go get to try. Should I use republic fleet ammo?

Gila with drones can break his tank

That’s quite expensive. If that’s no problem, they do some additional dps, though. If you do 160 - 200 dps, Dagan’s shield will melt quickly.
You should orbit Dagan quite close with these weapons, so no need to load long range ammo.

So does a brawling Vigilant :wink: An expensive overkill as well…
Some enjoy blitzing the SoE Epic Arc in a Daredevil.

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Might be doable in a T1 destroyer with enough guns and enough skills trained.

(Note that my main was less than a month old but not completely new back then so had some skills trained already and had to buy blasters to replace rails on my PvE catalyst but was doable so I assume it might be doable with other T1 destroyers as well.)

Gila is our choice for blitzing the arc in USIA

I shield tanked a stabber (with the glacier skin) and eventually broke him down. It’s almost like he ran out of cap because the constant recharge just stopped. Then on the way back to new found home station I ran into a gate camp and lost my ship. At least I got what I needed from it. Thanks for the advice and tips!

I did go down a wormhole and found a blood raider relic site. While I was scanning, I guess the worm hole closed and went down the rabbit hole of finding my way out, I did make It though


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