Why is data/relic loot nerfed as hell?

yeah, its definitely a supply thing due to more active players. Real life global quarantines starting occurring around the same time that your chart showed a major drop in price.(Late February, early march)

As for the temporary price recovery in late may, you will notice there was a major spike in sales (demand increased the price). There might be a correlation there with the tradional end of the United States (and other countries?) school year?

Also probably has to do with most people seeing training into a strategic cruiser a waste of time and isk and have moved on. The strategic cruiser is really just a nitch market now and most people dont want to bother with a class of ships that was nerfed to hell, requires an intensive amount of skill training, losing skill training if you get poped in one, and also to get them decently on paper you have to spend billions of isk on named modules otherwise your are gimping yourself to much in flying one. If you don’t need a cruiser with a cloak they are pointless to fly. Even if you need a cruiser with a cloak we already have a covert cloak cruiser class ship that you can use for scouting and opening up cynos for less isk.

T3C’s are a total failer on CCP’s part they made them to strong to start with then made them to weak after the nerf on purpose. Maybe a few years down the road they will go back and do a pass on them or look at them but unless they change them to give us a good reason to fly one the exploration market will stay kind of low in isk making.

True a great time for those who fly T1 ships and don’t care about the more expensive stuff.

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sorry but i don’t understand how the fact that less people fly T3cs can reduce the value of explo loot ???

I want to contest that. While calling them niche is fair, they do offer outstanding raw damage on a cloaky hull. They’re also not a failure, they’re simply not broken as they used to be.

Should rather be appreciated that their current use went from main part of any fleet to ‘the scout’ or 'loki ‘cause rapier with actual dps’. And least on that end, there are plenty strong options, XLASB Blengu, 100mn logi loki, 1k dps gankproteus.

They are spendy (especially the SP for 1x sub V included), but then you also have a cruiser than can pop about anything it finds with a full covops scan bonus.


Haven’t noticed loot actually nerfed. My guess would be increased supply from botting explorers.

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Any reason to explore any other space than Shansha? I can’t find one. Cans seem really bad in other space. \0/

average value of a relic site in NS, based on BO value of item :

faction site value
angel 13.04
blood 10.66
guristas 26.50
sansha 32.47
serpentis 13.21

edit : value is in M.

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Wow look at the disparity. Do you have this for Data sites as well? I have been just skipping them lately.

I don’t.

Those values have been the same ratios for several years. However it’s approx half of what it was like 2 years ago.(I remember sansha being 55M and guristas 45, serp lower like 30M)

I’d guess the amount of exploration bots is making the game worse. But I don’t actually know about that.


Well thanks for the info… Much appreciated.

Found this also.

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