Relic/Data loot in 0.0

Hi all, can someone answer following questions:

  • is relic/data average loot the same in -0.1 and -0.9, or does it got better as security level goes lower?
  • what about low sec? can you expect similar relic/data loot in 0.4 and 0.1?

Thank you in advance for explanation!

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Whether it’s -0.1 or -0.9, I think the loot table is the same. Other than being specific for the Faction in that area, I think the main aspect affecting the drops is the RNG chance being applied to each Hack.

RNG can be from anomaly to anomaly if I’m right, you can scan cargo and then decide if you want to hack or not.

Anyway, seems like nobody knows … or everybody hiding :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

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Hacking is generally semi-worthless clutter, because datacores are the simplest way to cash out FW LP thus tons steadily dumped to market.

Relic in losec 10-20m I would call decent, in nullsec, or wspace, a good can can hit 20-80m.

I believe they have adjusted difficulty, it’s frustrating enough I don’t hardly undock my explo alt, is that you can easily uncover 5+ virus suppressors trying to work your way across the board, making a hack literally a game of pure chance since after a few you cannot complete with any amount of skill.

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