What's the current state for C5/C6

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Hi we’ve a been thinking about moving into a C5 or C6.

Be great to know how the current landscape sits either pvp, pve and political perspective.
Are HK and LzR still ruining the party for example.

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[ 2018.03.11 06:49:19 ] Lady Keleshi > Want to do PVE in dreads? Want to farm up to 8 bil/h and never worry about PLEX prices anymore? Get your own C6 Wormhole now!Try it out! If you don’t like it, you will get 90% of your ISK back until 2 weeks after the purchase!

C6 is now renter space for HKI.

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I don’t want this crappie in my thread especially HK scams. Reported

I want to know about serious stuff not peopLe trying to scam or promote scams

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Firstly, this is not meant as advertisement for HKI.
Secondly, you will have a hard time with your idea to get into a C5 or C6 as this is the political state of W-space. HKI are really insisting about it and spam this above ad whenever possible in big high sec hubs.

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Fair enough. perhaps more people should be spreading the word about these scams. It’s a sad state of affairs when it’s ruin in the game for people. But CCP would rather lose players than do anything. Anyway I rather this not become anything scamming thread so thanks for the insight.

Perhaps a known scammers thread in CP should be created

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That sounds like an EXCELLENT idea. I’m sure it’ll help lots of people and be warmly received. Carry on.

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I’m honestly surprised HK manages to hold on to as many C5s as they do. C6s are easy to rage roll to find specific ones so its pretty easy to imagine how they hold those, but C5s are a bit more numerous and I’m suprised any groups with significant numbers hasn’t carved a few out for themselves.

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We find almost 1 completely empty c5 a day. There are plenty out there to move into.

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Hello its me, the “scammer” you’ve been talking about. Well, not really a scammer, but whatever

to answer OP’s question: C6 space is basically HK territory, even if not actively occupied you won’t have much fun farming there in peace. C5 space is mixed up. Lots of C5 systems are empty, for a good reason. C5 Space is not what it used to be anymore. A few rorquals around to kill, though.

The site respawn in C5 space is a lot lower, the isk per site is lower and thus not really worth being in a C5 anymore just for PVE. This is why most people want to live in C6 space.

Eve is perfect the way it is. Scamming is a part of EVE and makes it unique and interesting for many people. When it comes to PVP you can farm or you can get farmed. Doesn’t help to blame the game, just because you’re the farmed one.

Instead of crying you could team up with others and kick us out(balls required). See you there, or not.

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Eh wot? Renting out wormhole space? What’s next, renting out lowsec? lol

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I forgot who it was on comms that said but, when I was in my trial for lazerhawks, someone said that THEY FELT, wh space was so broken, that they wanted to ruin it for the rest, and take control of that space so they can rent to smaller groups, because CCP wont fix wh space. as a protest.

It was actually kinda a depressing moment. you get to where you think you want to be and find out it was nothing of hte sorts you hoped it to be. Things always work out though and nothing lasts forever. CCP will change wh space eventually if it needs it, and people will move on to new video games and get bored here. I dont assume to leave anytime soon but I dont commit either as much as I used to here in Eve, simply because life is out there, not in here. its fun to play but when groups become gangs and gangs become thugs… its gets old and I might as well go for a walk outside, theres a much harsher reality here than in the game, it kinda resets perspective of what life is about and why its healthy to have other hobbies.

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What if we had a system, for things of this magnitude, where 2 players can make a formal and legally binding agreement and if breached it can be escalated to CCP staff? Its like you can’t even try to broker this because HKI will just burn everyone out the system later instead. At the very least we need some kind of official seller/scammer reputation website where everyone can report the bad corps and tell their stories like its the BBB. This way when these corps do these things, people that join them get flagged and alliances that work with them after the fact get flagged too (so everyone knows). This type of thing should really be public knowledge in a database so it labels everyone in the scamming corp+alliance rather than just the one scammer alt that gets word of mouth recognition after a couple years

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You can just stop trusting people with billions of isk.

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