Trying to find a specific C2, how long should I expect this to take?

Hey gang, I’m looking for a C2 5/NS and have been for quite sometime. If my info is correct (based from, there are 513 C5s that could possibly connect via a K162 to the desired C2. I’ve been following the C5 chains in the hopes of finding one and have found 2, but both were occupied.

My question is, am I going about this the right way? I had very little luck poking around Null sec to find an entrance via the other static (zero luck after days of searching). And finally, what are the odds on finding one that is lightly occupied?

Thanks you in advance for your responses and advice.

  1. find all of them in any database (about 10 systems).
    anaylize who live there depending on zkillboard and talk with.
  2. use eve scout site and search ur system from thera.
  3. use wingspan search service.

ps no links, search urself.

C2 with null/c5 are popular these days as they offer the best of both worlds for pvp.
You will have a very hard time finding one empty as there are only forty of em,ns&effect=_unfiltered&shattered=_any_non

So do some killboard analysis and then reach out to wingspan they have WH finding service

Good luck

Indeed, as Ezio said, c2->null/c5 are popular. I doubt there are any empty ones, although there may be a few with slightly inactive corps that you could evict.

My recommendation for finding one quickly is to find a WH with a c2 static, and roll until you find the hole you want. (A c5->c2 is most easily rolled, but those holes might be hard to find as well. A c2->c2/low is relatively common.)

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