The collapse of the exploration market

You’re both wrong, time is relative and therefore a crash is not properly measured over time. It could take lots of time or little time. A crash has more to do with causality. The Stock Market Crash of 1929 is not the same as the great depression. The stock market crash was a simple market contraction, the great depression was caused by responses to the stock market crash.

You can still get T2 Salvage loot from wreckfields correct ?

I like you.

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The swarms of nullsec explorers are impressive, though. I have seen at least 100 sisters core scanner probes on DScan for every large warp disruptor.

Nobody touches the combat sites.

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Thread derailed. Was that your goal?

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I doubt that. Usually she has no idea what she’s doing.
You really felt the need to post in here, after 50ish days of silence, hm?

Seems like you guys are mostly disagreeing about the meaning of the word “sudden.”

In any case, I’ve been on recently for the first time in a hot minute and I didn’t really see a huge difference in value from previous runs, but we’re talking mostly the lower value stuff. I’d assume the market is cyclical but haven’t really played long enough to see that play out.

Haven’t really seen increased competition yet either, but I’m sure that’s dependent on location.

Only if you look at it from a spreadsheet, if you actually experienced it then it was very dramatic. When you wake up every morning depending on where you were able to lay your head that night cause you had no home, you still had to figure out how you were going to eat. You were very lucky if you found a loaf of bread that day to feed your family and then you. It was very dramatic and brutal for those who experienced it. Not so much at all to the people born after that are looking at it from a spreadsheet and never had experience in being in such a situation.

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