Dark Ochre question

I’ve been mining anoms in Lowsec and Nullsec and dark ochre, even the 10% variant seems completely not worth the time it takes to mine. Gneiss is always better, it both weighs less and is worth more. So I guess my question is why are certain ores that are supposed to be “rarer” still not worth mining? Omber, kernite, Hedbergite , and ochre seem to be the worst offenders.

The market is fluctuating because of the scarcity changes. It’s not just about availability, but also stockpiles. It’ll be a while before things settle again.

You are spot on, most of those ores have been bad for a long while, they just dont have enough valuable minerals.

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Not only Ochre, theres many ores not worth mining. Just use this page: https://ore.cerlestes.de/ore

Sort the results by refined value and there you have a list of all the ores from better to worse to mine, measured in the ISK that a set amount of m3 will give you, with a set refining percentage.

Mercoxit will be always first, but consider its scarcity and that it is mined a 33% slower than the others, so for the comparison just skip it. The first place has been disputed between spodumain and gneiss for years, but since the last nerfs spod has rocketeed for its scarcity. Veldspar that used to be in the mid-lower part of the chart is now in the upper, since this is mostly a tritanium crisis.

As you can see, the same amount in m3 ( wich is the relevant measure ) yields 3 times more isk when mining the best ore ( spod ) than the worst ( omber )


Thanks for the analysis, it’s very helpful. Perhaps it is time to rebalance the ores a bit? Should Veldspar be objectively better in every scenario than dark ochre? Should omber be almost literally worthless relative to every other ore?

Its actually not an issue. The reason Veld and Spod is “good” is because the other ores have been mined in ad nauseam with HS moons and their value is super low.

Veldspar is only better, if you need Trit, for everything else its worthless.

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