Returning player-most valuable ores

I am a returning player trying my hand at mining and I would like to know the most valuable ores that I can mine that doesn’t require scanning. I found kernite, but what else should I be looking for?

Moon ores

Anything that is in low sec

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Eve answer: It depends.

  • Most valuable ore: Per item? Per m3? per minute? Including transport?
  • How can YOU mine: Alpha or Omega? Mining crystals? Exhumers? Orca supported Alt fleet?
  • Where can YOU mine: Nullsec? Pochven? Wormhole?

In some cases Veldspar is the answer - it’s wanted, it’s easy to obtain, and your setup won’t be destroyed every now and then.

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  1. Ore isk/M3
  2. - Ore Table for EVE Online

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