The element of mystery ... when things change in New Eden without notice is something awesome to behold

No. It’s really not.

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More of this, please.



To be clear, I’m all for some resource distribution changes.

I just don’t agree that not telling us (at least in the patch notes that day) is “awesome”


I can’t even remember the last time I saw anyone mining in an ore anomaly that wasn’t in SOV null and wasn’t doing it only to raise the ADM of their system. In this instance the types of ore mined are of no consequence anyway, all that matters is that they are mining.
In NPC null an ore anomaly is basically a trap best avoided.
Null sec residents mine at athanors, not in belts or anomalies as a general rule. The only miners that will be effected by this are the npc mining fleets that usually keep all the belts in a permanent state of crumbs anyway.
This change is absolutely meaningless, as are almost all of the changes implemented as of late by the out of touch powers that be. If they had mentioned it in advance they probably would have changed it at the last minute anyway to something completely different after people purchased 1000 recon ships or used up skill points to train up skills that ended up not being needed.

Speaking as a nullsec resident… that is not true.

Null sec resident since 2003…

Oh I suppose that means you’re familiar with how every single one of us mine.


I surely don’t know what you do or how you do it, but if it’s different than what I outlined you are doing it wrong.
/end personal responses


Ahh dang I’m playing this sandbox game wrong. What ever will I do?

…This is so true it hurts.

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I like this change. Glory to Chribba and his machine the Veldnaut. \o/


They changed belts and not amoms. Want is awesome about them changing an irrelevant thing in null sec? Worse: what is awesome about nerfing the resource fields that could actually help fix the resource issue?

They did update ore anomalies, actually. Reread the article

I don’t really care about that. They should have left the belts intact to encourage more belt mining where vulnerable barges shine. Instead, they screwed the belts just like the cancerous anoms.

Interesting header picture, though. Does anyone still remember Ring mining?

Nerf it all! Nerf it to the ground!
Tell no one!

Let chaos reign!

What resource issue? You mean the issue of there being to many?


Yeah, because people definitely waste their time mining VELDSPAR in the belts while in nullsec.


and spod… sure didn’t’ waste time on that either.

@Sen_Isu, Last time I was in Fountain, we only mined from the athenors we had set up… didn’t bother with belts or anoms.


considering no one made a big deal out of 2 ores missing from null sec while it happened kind of shows how many people care about mining in belts for veld or spod… i mean spod i can understand if people get mad but veld? meh


So where’s the Feedback thread for that Dev Blog?

Obviously it’s a shitchange when CCP won’t even include a Feedback thread for it.


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