Ore anomalies nerfed?

If i would care i would have said it buddy…so no try just a crystal clear post…

Maybe it’s you who don’t like the picture shown in the mirror huh? :slight_smile:

Well… you clearly do care. And I have no idea what picture you are referring to nor what a “mirrow” is but I’m sure you have some sort of point to make. Maybe that you matter? Obviously not to me of course, but you are crying out for attention on these forums so ok - we see you. How very special you are. Clever boy.

Happy now?


If you don’t understand what i’m saying you are exactly what i refered to…

And yes…typer corrected…making one proves something…moron…

I absolutely LOVE how you felt the need to edit your post in order to correct the spelling, despite inferring it did not matter.

I also delight in how you only ever quote small parts of people’s posts in order to try to skew the intended meaning of said posts and therefore only reply to what you feel capable of.

In fact, everything about you on these forums is fkn adorable as well as entertaining - keep up the mediocre work!

I am z0ra. If you want to know about me, you can read about me here:

I might be no one, but at least I’m not a desperate, begging dumbfuck miner who behaves as if his real life and income depended on it.


This reeks so much of desperation, I want to throw coins at you so you can buy yourself food and water. It makes you look like someone who has nothing else in life but sitting in a mining ship and I am quite sure that’s exactly what you do, because you don’t have a killboard either Search | zKillboard.

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Well i’m not the only one doing that…in the past multiple people just posted one of my sentences,twisted it’s whole meaning 180° just to devalue my posting,thought they did “the right thing”,and were applauded by other morons…

Why should i act different if this is obviously the niveau of this forum?

And your insults will not work…just as many others didn’t…you can stop your effort…

ISK generation is not out of control. And CCP is trying to monitor and control things (blackout, VNI changes etc.). But ISK generation is not in healthy state either. There is also difference between market and actual isk in game. We can only guess how much ISK is hoarded in null bots wallets based on MER data. But how much of that ~43 thousands of billions of ISK just generated this November from bounties (over all new eden. Not only null) went to market? Prices on market and/or PLEX prices don’t show everything. Market is only tip of the iceberg and even market is in bad state for years. Just going down and down.

That’s why I think that NPC bounties should be changed to items or something similar to LP. While ISK is still generated. Instead if set amount of ISK being simply injected to game each kill. Some ammount of ISK will be also extracted from game via taxes or even simple destruction of items. And instead krabing in null, giving isk to alt/main in jita, you need to either move loot to jita or go to NPC station, transfer LP and then haul it to trade hub. More risk for you to lose are generated isk and more content create for many other players. Gankers, haulers, traders etc.

This is not a perfect idea. I know it.

So, you are a confirmed troll, and an idiot. That’s ok though. No one’s perfect.


Very few people make that amount of ISK and only do so when they go full blitz min/max mode. I find people who want to base their nerf comments on absolute max like that to be bat shite crazy and do not have the health of the game in mind when most people in hisec don’t do this.

Your narrative is to nerf income in hisec, well I make excellent income out of Emerging Conduits, will you want to nerf that too?


What’s the cheapest and most accessible way of doing abyssal stuff?

ITs my alt. 1 corp for 12 years. Cmon.

Stop this harassment of asking me the same damn question which I have ignored when I said that I do not run Abyssal sites as in using the filament to jump into that space due to DC in another thread. It has no relevance to my question about Emerging conduits which are hisec content.

Why are you overreacting like this? I don’t remember getting an answer from you at all! I just thought I’d ask you, because you seem to know things which I don’t! What the ■■■■!

I mine a little but i just rat. This will kill a huge chunk of players in null and this is unneeded. I love how you Attack people instead of looking at the issues. The main issue will be logging into a world of no pve and just fornite style pvpers all with your attitude of being a tool. All because ccp wants more money.

I have ran lower level Abyssal sites a few times in a Gila, but I cannot answer your question.

Apparently CCP disagrees with your opinion.

No PvE. You’re overreacting. Yes, CCP wants to get rid of people who just keep farming. That’s a good thing, because there’s too many of you. You yourself are evidence enough that “less of you” is definitely desirable.

Okay! Thanks! Don’t hate me, I’m not aware of doing anything to you!

Look who I found!


Well more than a few times, but the issue is more to do with clone loss and the ease of changing clone, I find it a pain to chop and change my clone to just go run some Abyssal sites, especially as I have to have a structure to do that, which is annoying in its own right so it is a 18 hour cool down which means I am stuck with a basic clone and other fits don’t work and it just gets tedious as hell.

As for this nerf, it is too late to get anyone interested in mining in hisec. I am not sure what else to say about it as in the game is so imbalanced anyway it does not matter what you do at this point, the horse has well and truly bolted…

What do you mean?