Economy crash

The following adjustments have been made to asteroids throughout the universe of New Eden:

  • High Sec Asteroids:
    • Pyroxeres, Omber & Kernite quantities reduced.
  • Low Sec Asteroids:
    • Veldspar, Scordite, Pyroxeres, Plagioclase, Jaspet, Hemorphite & Hedbergite quantities reduced.
  • Null Sec Asteroids:
    • Scordite, Omber, Kernite, Jaspet, Hemorphite, Hedbergite, Gneiss, Dark Ochre, Crokite & Arkonor quantities reduced.
    • Bistot quantity increased.
  • Ore Anomalies spawned from Sovereignty Industry Index upgrades:
    • Level 1, 2 & 3 respawn times adjusted.
    • All variations of Crokite in all levels replaced with the equivalent yield variation of Kernite.
    • Gneiss, Dark Ochre & Spodumain quantities reduced.

The removal of crokite from belts and anoms is going to mean that there is effectively no good source of zydrine in nullsec. This will mean that almost nothing will be built. We need to address this to CCP in the immediate sense.

You guys leave nullsec sometimes to trade, don’t you?


Oh noes! Nullsec miners can’t make 137 billion ISK/hr anymore. Whatever shall we do?


Huge ammount of isk ratted with no sink and no coverage in ores and new items…
Hyperinflation is coming and from economical point of view ccp just destroyed the game

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If I had 1 isk every time somebody posted something ridiculous like this, I would be rich!


Xeux, you will see how fast this will make the eco turn into chaos. With the largest anos yielding so little m³ a sub cap fleet can easy mine them in little time. Also QuakeGod… sure :slight_smile: random numbers tossed into it… no one make this much isk in anos, not even with 20 rurquals. But sure :D. All in all, they just changed something they dont really can comprihand how much it will cause an issue with. Without nox the 0.0 builders will be forced to buy it yes, what makes cero sense, as 0.0 should allow you to be selfsustaining. But o well, the thing is, with this changes, a lot of alts became useless and small sub cap miners will be on the backfoot even more. Moons will provide food for the big toys, and the smaller ones will be pushed off. We will see how it turns out, but i cant see them leaving it like they did-

The whole point of the game is to adapt to challenges. Are people really going to be content to just sit in their rorquals for 16 years?


you cant addpet to the lack of a mineral, without the mineral you cant build. there is no work around, yes you can buy, but this means huge logistical issues, as minerals are heavy. And take a lot of space, also the risk now raises to get them shoot down when you make the trip. Also whats so bad that some players are content to do the same stuff? You can do something else, there is so much, you dont need to force everyone your ■■■■ on. This is not how games work :smiley:

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There is plenty of mineral. You might have to leave your super cap blue donut to get it.


Im useing sub caps only :slight_smile: . Funny thing how you judge about people without knowlege. And you dont get the point. Without nox you cant build. Now you remove the singel option for it, and place a worthless ore in its place. One without noxcium. This leads to an crazzy overflow of non nox containing ore. what leads to a price dump. IN the end, small miners that cant just nom a roid in one go, ( most contain now less then 4k m³ what is hs level ). The solution is to slap a station on every corkite containing moon, and just mine there, as even the largest ano ( that costs you a lot of isk to get as you need the modules for your I Hub ) contain so little its not worth the fuel you spent in your rurqual. So you killed a whole part of the game, for no reason at all.

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You know what I hate? There aren’t enough sources of T2 goo in highsec, so we have to import it.


Nothing i can change for you :slight_smile: but thats hs. I mean there needs to be a downside to be in high security space, no?

Just like their needs to be a downside to nullsec.


There already is one in the lack of concord? Or the fact that you need to invest a lot of time and work to keep it save. You dont get the stuff for free there.

Unfortunately, the answer would appear to be “Yes” :woozy_face:



To all the null sec miners, CCP did not nerf WH anoms, you should come to WHs, and no rorqs dont fit in every hole.

Crokite is still present in Nullsec asteroid belts so just move your ass into normal belts if you need crokite so badly.

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seems you dont know how long normal belts in 0.0 take to respawn. I wait a week for it to happen. A small solution and not one that can be the go to. But maybe we they need to nerf your stuff up to 90% and then we look how you would react.

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one more time, say it with me… “if supply reduces, prices rise” All the ore you have stockpiled is now worth more, your isk/hr wont change much in the end.