Can the porpoise compress ore in its own hold?

Hi. Can anyone answer if the Porpoise can compress ore right out of its own mining hold? Example: Transfer ore from station inventory to Porpoise mining hold, undock, compress ore


As long as you activate the core it should let you

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Yes, porpoise can compress asteroid ore and gas.

Medium Gas Compressor I & Medium Asteroid Ore Compressor I

Thanks you all

Well you would need to activate your Industrial core, then activate your compressor.

So there are two steps.

Also, note that the industrial core takes fuel, and you cannot move or dock unless a certain amount of time has passed and the core is offline again.

Short answer: yes.

Longer answer: say you have ore in your mining hold and in your cargo hold. You can select both and have them compressed at the same time. The compressed ore will for each stack be in the place of origin, either the mining hold or the cargo hold. (Makes sense, as in fleets the compressor needs to know where exactly to put back the compressed ore, the mechanic also applies to your own ship).

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