Compressed ore prices crash

Noticing March 2022 Patch crashed compressed ores dramatically. Was selling compressed Veldspar at ~1400 and now its way way down. Have they changed the mechanics of compression to put less raw ore in each block or is this just the effect of the mining booster event?

Please note that the old pressed ores had a different composition.

Old : 100 normal ores were 1 pressed.
New: 1 normal ore = 1 pressed ore - so much less content than before.

9.6-10.49 spread in Rens. So you’re telling me that an 100 to 1 difference in composition resulted in a 14/1 change in price?

Looks like the mining bonus give away made prices go down by a good bit.

The only thing reducing the prices is your competitors, your competitors are the price ceilling.

There is a solution, remove the price ceilling, remove your competitors.

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