Compressed ore

Hi, can anyone please tell me why compressed ores are worth less?

Thanks for answers!

Compressed ores are equal to uncompressed ores for functionality (both refine to the same minerals), but they’re much more easy to haul. You would think they are therefore at least worth as much as the uncompressed variant, or worth more.

However, the suggested market value ingame isn’t always reflecting the real value of something. Local markets and regional markets can have different supply and demand. Maybe someone set up a few high sell orders for uncompressed ore and someone else bought it, raising the price above that of the compressed variant.

It is possible that the prices of uncompressed and compressed ore are different.

If I take a look at compressed versus uncompressed Veldspar in Jita for example, I see that the compressed variant is a bit more expensive:


Ok, so it is natural phenomenom due to supply and demand law.

Thank you very much for answer!

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