Need a little help pulling data using GESI

I’m looking at building a Data-Sheet for my spreadsheet and I’m fairly new to GESI, so the information I want to get is:

For every module in the “Ship Equipment” Category (that you can find in the ingame market under that category), specifically only the Meta 1-4

  • typeid
  • name
  • Meta-level
  • Reprocessing Materials
    • Tritanium
    • Pyerite
    • Mexallon
    • Isogen
    • Nocxium
    • Zydrine
    • Megacyte

How could I best go about getting this information? and putting it into my sheet

@Elathy_Maricadie Currently this data is not provided via ESI, and thus not available in GESI. You would have to get the data from the SDE and structure it some useful way.

See this issue for more details:

Thanks for your quick reply. So if I’m not able to construct a way to get it from the most recent SDE, my only option would be to manually check for the information in the Client.

I guess, I’d better get to it then :smile:

Could get a CSV from Might help a bit, versus trying parse/pull the data from the raw yaml files.

EDIT: Also see what @Steve_Ronuken said.

If you get the SDE from my site ( it’s a little more usable than the official release (which is all yaml. dead handy, but not for an end user)

Reprocessing materials are in invTypeMaterials.

Typeid and name are in invTypes.

meta level is more of a pain. It’s in dgmTypeAttributes. (look for the appropriate key in dgmAttributeTypes)

@Steve_Ronuken, I’m already using your CSV for TypeIDs and Names.

My skills in programming languages may be my worst enemy, as it practically non-existent. It may take significantly longer typing in everything manually but would take considerably longer to learn enough in a programming language to do the same thing at a fraction of the time.

Thanks, I appreciate the replies.

@Steve_Ronuken, I’ve send you an ingame mail.

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