Sisi / Singularity Item data

Maybe a common question but havn’t found anything searching for sisi, sissi or singularity.

I’m looking for a static export from singularity to understand the new moon goo better (Loparite, Sperrylite, Zeolites, Chromite, Cobaltite) and what we’ll get from them after ressource processing.

ESI nor XML Api are able to deliver this kind of data usually delivered as static data.

Any hint or link available on how to get static data from singularity. Or do I have to wait until the launch of Liveblood in October?

usually, for “only sisi” data, there is no export (API/SDE) until the release itself, so don’t expect it before :slight_smile:

You have to do the job by hand if you want to add this in a tool (while keeping in mind this will certainly change when it’ll be released)

ESI has a query param datasource where it can either be singularity or tranquility.

So what you could do is like which would list all typeIds from test server (I assume it does since thats what the datasource should do).

Then you could look each id up using the{type_id}?datasource=singularity

At least until the next SDE is released.

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Right now the data is useless.

It’s not the final numbers, and probably won’t be for a while.

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Thanks a lot for your helpfull approach, much appreciated. In fact I was not aware about the increased cabapilities of the /universe route.

But in order to resolve the item_id by Item name I have to try to get the item_id by guessing them? Or do I oversee any route on how to retrieve an item_id by the item_name via ESI?

Thanks Steve. I’m fully aware on that. I just want to understand how the data is structured and how CCP did the relation in general. Then I’ll have an idea on how this may look like if the static data becomes available (in /dump on a server you know about :wink: )


What you could do is use the serach endpoint. So like:

This would return a type_id for the search item. Then use the{type_id}?datasource=singularity to lookup whatever there are about it.

But yea as Steve said probably don’t look too much into it as they are subject to change.

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Uhps, wasn’t aware about the advanced capabilities of “search”. Thanks to your advice I was able to fetch the item, his group as well the other member, dogma attributes and more.

Now I’m looking only for the last piece, the information usually held in invTypeMaterials. Practically I’d like to get the information for any kind of new moon ore which kind and ammount of material I’ll get after reprocessing. I guess you know from where I’m coming from? :wink:

Without a proper SDE export I don’t think that info is available.

Best bet would be to just look in game and infer off that. But, highly doubt what is in game at this moment will be accurate when the update actually gets released.

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