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Regarding this endpoint

Currently it returns about 36000 results. My app logic takes this ID’s, then grabs all the data from the /universe/types/{type_id}/ so that I can save them in my database and I only plan to rerun the task once there is new version of EVE out. This does put a bit of strain on API initially, but then it never asks for data again until new version.

Now the thing is that a lot of inv types are not published. It would be great if the original endpoint would receive either a flag, or separate endpoint which would only return inv types of actually published data. I am scrapping the non published one from my app database and I’ve ended up with about 18000 entries, which means that approx 50% of all inv types is in fact not published and I can’t figure that one out before I start bombarding the API.

Ideally I want to be able to skip those from the start so that my App can run for longer periods without the hassle of downloading the SDE, extracting, moving over to production DB, etc…

I think you are using the wrong perspective. Published or not is not what is important.

Maybe fetching the data on demand ?

That’s kinda the point of using the SDE? I mean… what you’re doing is literally building the SDE from scratch. Also, coding against the dev endpoint is stupid, btw. That’s the branch liable to break ■■■■ on a whim, and not give a damn. Code against /latest/ instead.

The SDE is one way for this but using the ESI is a perfectly viable option.

I would recommend you post a feature request to
This may not go anywhere but that’s the place.

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