Static SDE

so I know the SDE can tell you the location size and type of planets but is there somewhere you can get the distribution of p0 mats?

For instance if you were to look at a planet could you see if say planet a had a higher % of aqueous liquids vs planet B?

As for the rest… I need to be able to put in a WH ID and see how many and of what type of each planet there is…

any chance you guys know which files I need, I assume invtypes will be needed cause… its always needed but not sure on the rest

and lastly… and most importantly since I can find the rest out the hard way if need be… where is the current best location to download a full SDE download in CSV format so I can use them in excel?

Sorry for the questions, but its been years since ive really programmed anything in eve so a little out of practice… and a lot of locations seem to be out of date these days.

IF the answer to the % distrubutions is yes from earliar I also will have a follow up question but more on that later when I know the answer :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone

PI information isn’t in the SDE like that.

As for the SDE in csv, the only place I’m aware of is

CCP provide the SDE in yaml, I convert to a variety of formats. (the code to do so is on my github)


Thats too bad about the planet compositions, I had hoped to have excel, or possibly a program that would take a systems planet composition and compare it to what was needed of each mat total then offer a suggestion based on percentages on the most optimal layout for collecting… making it easier to get your command centers on higher % planets

obviously it would be a little trickier than that and I had some plans in mind on how to keep it functioning.

So the part about my program automatically receiving planets, types and compositions is out, I can still make it automatically know planet types and numbers and force the user to manually enter the %s unless you have a better idea there…

from what I could see in ESI there was nothing similar to that in ESI either

Or am I missing something? I could easily of missed an endpoint somewhere that would tell me distribution levels

Maybe that’s what your looking for:

Not missing anything. That information isn’t exposed to us

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