List of Ore in Asteroid Belt?

I’ve found and online website that will list off the asteroid belts which contain specific ore types, but I was wondering which file in the SDE has that info? I’m fine with doing to conversion/cross referencing work, just would like a point I. The right direction to find the info.

Any help is appreciated :wink:


I’m pretty sure it isn’t in the SDE. It is just manually created data.

If it’s manually entered, grats on whoever was involved in that Herculean effort. I’ve seen the info listed on DOTLan and another site, so I was hoping it was in the data files in the SDE. I’ll keep checking, and if not there… perhaps I’ll do some “manual pilfering” of my own to collect that website data for my own offline reference.

Thanks for the reply o7


I believe it depends on who owns the system and the security status of it.

This is an old picture and not complete, but it gives a first idea of how this is organized.

most system information like dotlan contains what asteroids belts contain on a system class registration.
The system class indexing should be in the SDE part for the solarsystems.

Exact content of the belts depend on system activity for regular belts (the longer left untouched the larger the asteroid if i recall correctly) for nullsec belts (these contain all ore types) it all depends on the upgrades that are installed by the sov holder (NPC nullsec not included)

More than that, it depends on what Index they can maintain. IIRC, ABCs dont show up in the smalls.

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