Looking for info on how to read data from resfile

Looking for information on how to read the data out of the refiles.

For instance, the static data for inventory types has 3 files under the 3c resfile folder. When you try to view it in notepad++ it can’t determine the type and it looks like garbage.

What file format is this. I know eventually it’s yaml but whats the compression file type?


Our EULA does not permit the scraping of the EVE Online cache, as per EULA Paragraph 9.C

We have ESI and SDE to get most of the data without breaking the EULA.

While that rule have never been enforced (as far as I know), It’s worth being aware of

Oh. Thanks. Wasn’t aware of that one. Pretty sure that’s what hobo leaks does lol.

That’s too bad though. The SDE is usually delayed so when they release new ships or blueprints, the SDE is behind and I can’t update my local tools.

For example, the new tractor beams aren’t in the SDE or fuzzworks conversions. I’m trying to figure out how to keep my tool updated with what’s in the game client.