ESI SDE parity progress

Is there an ETA for when we can expect the shipped SDE blobs to be depreciated?

It seems to be taking forever with no end in sight and updates?

This also adds bloat when git cloning repos placing it into the half gigabyte territory, for example, almost 500mb for cloning Evemon.

I am not aware of any statement from CCP that a full SDE parity with ESI is their goal. It might be very comfortable from our perspective, but constantly crawling a lot of (mainly) static information is not very great for them regarding ressource usage.
For me it is a third party’s developer responsibility to handle the static dumps and for example only load what you need, programmatic updating etc.
Fuzzwork’s work gives such a great foundation to do that.

I will simply try to do without the blob then and dev around it. I don’t want a huge git repo with binary blobs like that.

If it’s not on the ESI API then it won’t be used by me.

As for crawling static information, caching is a thing, I won’t be storing it in my git repo.

I could force users to download the static file at runtime, that would be worse for everybody but this blob will NOT be in my git repo or shipped package.

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