ESI containerlog?

(Kelath Erebus) #1


Was wondering if there was an ETA (I know on or before May 2018) when the container log endpoint will be added, it’s a critical piece to my framework. It’s nice seeing the corporate assets endpoint was added :slight_smile:


(Blacksmoke16) #2

As of now its in the backlog for XML -> ESI parity. The ESI team is hoping to reach parity by December so should be soonish :slight_smile:

(Kelath Erebus) #3

Thanks for the update, I appreciate it!

(Eric Lemmonte) #4

Do they give updates on the devblog page or somewhere else?

(Golden Gnu) #5

It’s spread a bit around:
Blog: (major important changes, mostly in advance)
Slack: #esi channel (Will have info about current status etc and the devs that works on ESI are there)
Change log: (Version changes for ESI endpoints, new/changed endpoints)
XML Parity:
CREST Parity:

(Eric Lemmonte) #6

ouuuchhh… i’ll have to start following some of that then

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