Third Party Developer Blog - Upcoming changes to the Image Export Collection

(CCP Falcon) #1

Hey guys,

There’s a new blog available on the third party developer’s website for you guys to look at about upcoming changes to the IEC.

Check it out here!

Be sure to leave your feedback in this thread!

(Zifrian) #2

When will it be released? I can’t seem to get the info on the different parameters yet like the old one. Is there an example call for the new server?

(CCP Bartender) #3

No release date yet, it’s being actively worked on.

I believe the current plan is to run the old and new side-by-side for at least a while after release so we will wave the flags about it some more once it’s up and running to give people time to play around and migrate.

(Carbon Alabel) #4

I approve, looking forward to trying out the new image server!

One thing I already have to say: might be nice to have the server parameter be datasource instead of tenant, to be consistent with ESI.

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