I see the imageserver is not serving up stuff. Is it being sunsetted? I see is up but doesn’t show all types.

This example works fine:

But when I swap in something like Nanotransistors (16681) it won’t show.

I don’t want to download the image library if I don’t have to.


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It appears that the new server only has images for manufactured items (ships, modules etc look like they are fine)

Certain really unusual items such as, I don’t know, maybe Tritanium…
appear to be broken
(in fact at present it seems to be all raw materials at least that aren’t working)

I have filed a bug report a week ago and it’s still broken. Old server is now also broken.

It does seem like it would be a poor upgrade to the image service if it’s now not actually usable!

And as I said in another thread:

I’ve been working on a personal history project for EvE, and the image server was one of my resources that is now unavailable. I realize it’s a minor thing as far as everyone else might be concerned, but this is pretty unfortunate for me.

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