Hi. Does anybody experience issues with loading images from (as well as from or it’s just me?

An example of an image:


yup broken for me

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Broke for me too

@CCP_Paragon @CCP_Swift

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Is this why most of the images (ships and modules) on zkillboard do not show up for me as of yesterday evening?

Yes, it also affects Pathfinder and Alliance Auth… and god knows what more.

Now it works, hurray! :smiley:

In the Client build and deployment on 16 May the Image Server type mappings were missing for icons. In today’s deployment then this was fixed, but the way these cache means there were several hours where the Image Server was returning 404 “Not Found” errors. This is resolved now. We noticed during debugging of this issue that there were some applications reporting issues that were using the Image Server in a deprecated manner.

As a reminder, the only correct URLs for the Image Server use the server and the new style requests, such as `- Alliance logos:

Some incorrect uses we’ve seen include old domain/service names and old style requests, such as

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