A place to find all Eve Online image resources?

I’m working on a EVE project and I need pictures of all the EVE modules and items (everything that you can find in the fitting window). I can find pictures for the ships, but does anyone know a place with all the image resources?

(BTW I tried the EVE developer site, but the pictures there all don’t have a name and it would be impossible to know where everything is… does anyone know a resource with named pictures?

Images are held on the Image Server:

So, to get the icon/image for a DC2, you want item number 2048 - the link is the URL for the image below.

So, I suspect the question is “where did I get Damage Control II = 2048 from?”
This is in the SDE - a copy of which is kindly available at:
You want the file:
Which is a table of Text Name, the description as it appears in game, the typeID (the useful bit) and the GroupID (so for example, the groupID common for all Damage Controls).

Programmatically the process is:

  • Search for the text name in a locally held copy of the SDE invTypes table.
  • Take the itemID from that record.
  • Use that to build the URL for the graphic you want from the Image Server.

Warning: The image server only contains the 2D images used in game - so that DC2 is is only the 64x64 image. There are no nice big 3D renderings of the objects, or large graphics (scale them yourself). They are in .png format.

Good luck.


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