Can't find the Icon for some items (for example "compressed concentrated veldspar")

I’m developing a small (private) application for my industry needs and struggeling with finding the icons for some items. I’m using the following icon resource:

Currently my understanding is that each item should have an icon with “[typeID_32.png” (or “[typeID_64.png”). For many items this is true but for example “compressed concentrated veldspar” I can’t find an icon “62517_32.png”. So there must be an alternative way to “find” icons which aren’t directly exists but I can’t find out the logic behind that and I can’t find any kind of documentation which helps me to understand the way to locate the missing icons.

Can someone help me and point me to the right direction?

The IEC is no longer being updated and haven’t been updated in a long time.
For newer icons you can use the image server: Image Server | esi-docs


Ah great - thanks!

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