PI icons missing from Dev Resources

Hi, while doing some work on my tool, I noticed that some icons were not available in the latest dev resources.
Either that, or I just fail repeatedly to find them while looking in the extracted folder…

The icons that I cannot find are:

  • Advanced Industry Facility
  • High-Tech Production Plant

In-game screenshot of the missing icons:

I got the following already:

  • Extractor Invasion_1.0_Icons\Icons\items\77_32_26.png
  • Launchpad Invasion_1.0_Icons\Icons\items\77_32_27.png
  • Storage Invasion_1.0_Icons\Icons\items\77_32_25.png
  • Command Center Invasion_1.0_Icons\Icons\items\77_32_29.png
  • Basic Industry Facility Invasion_1.0_Icons\Icons\items\77_32_30.png
  • Route Invasion_1.0_Icons\Icons\items\77_32_33.png

Can a dev, or someone who knows the answer, confirm that these icons are missing from the resources dump, or point me to the correct icons ID?