I can't find icons for ship attributes

Let me give you an example. I’m looking for “Exequror Navy Issue”. Name of this item = 29344.
I pull the API:

To get the image use esi:

For ship icons:

And everything is simple here, because parameters such as alliances, corporations, characters or types are transferred to esi.
But I need Dogma_attributes, which I received from the first API.
Another example. From the first answer I take attribute 192 (“Maximum number of blocked targets”) and to get data about the attribute I pull the API:

In response I get “icon_id”: 109.
But in what API can you enter this identifier?
Please help me find this API, and if you also tell me how to find the icon for skills for example “Targeting” or “Navigation”, the main principle here is, then I’ll understand it myself. Thank you very much in advance


I’m just figuring this out as well, so this may not be the optimal method. But it does appear to work…

  • Check out the resources page here: https://developers.eveonline.com/resource/resources
  • Download the Image Export Collection (IEC) Icons zip.
  • To find the correct icon, it appears as if you need to cross-reference the Static Data Export (SDE), as described here: Static Data Export - EVE University Wiki
  • Then download the eveIcons.csv.bz2 (or access the SDE directly). Look up 109 in the csv which gives you a path of /ui/texture/icons/4_64_12.png
  • Find that file name in the IEC without the path & you’ll find the target/jammer icon

Maybe there is a better way to use the image server. If anyone knows, please chime in!