How can I get skills information by skill id?

I see EVE Swagger Interface.
But I don’t see api for

  1. get all skills (not by character_id)
  2. search skill information by skill_id.
    Help me please find those api.

I think you’d want to use the SDE for this. Basically find all items with a category_id of 16. Could do this via ESI as well, but would be a lot of requests as you’d have to like:

  1. Hitup to get the category info
  2. Hit up the groups endpoint for each value in groups
  3. Hitup the type endpoint for each type in types
  4. Possibly more requests to resolve dogma attribute/effects for each type.
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Thank you so much. I noticed the icon_id for the skills, but didn’t find an API for them. Tell me, is it possible to get the API for icons?

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This is static data. You have to either use SDE for it, or do your homework to load and cache the data locally as outlined by Blacksmoke16. “Cache locally” is a key word. You MUST NOT pester API servers for data that do not change that often.

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