SDE - Market Group Icons?

Hey guys! I’m working on a 3rd party app that makes use of data from the Static Data Export and hopefully ESI. Right now I’m trying to figure out Icons and other image data.

For the most part I have it covered, but I’m having trouble figuring out how to map a MarketGroup to its appropriate Icon. The .sqlite conversion available on Fuzzwork has the eveIcons table but this does not seem to be up to date with the image dumps that CCP put on the developer resources page?

Can someone clarify how this one part works please?

So how this works is like:

  1. Look at the invMarketGroups.yaml (or SQL table if you get the conversions).
    • Find the marketGroup you want, for example I want the icon for the Manufacture and Research group.
        description: The perpetual engine of space industry is driven by vast quantities
            of materials, components and research equipment that are constantly being
            traded on the capsuleer market
        hasTypes: false
        iconID: 1436
        marketGroupID: 475
        marketGroupName: Manufacture & Research
    • Then take note of the iconId which in this case is 1436.
  2. Go to the iconIDs.yaml file from the SDE and do a search of 1436. Which will look like:
      description: Engineering - Unknown
      iconFile: res:/ui/texture/icons/27_64_1.png
    • Take note of the iconFile image name 27_64_1.png.
  3. Go to the icons image export and do a search for 27_64_1.png. This will be the image used for that market group:


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