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I am relatively new to programming, although I do have a degree, I am now looking to make a website for eve. I want to be able to grab items from the market and show their thumbnail or graphic. I saw on the esi website their is a graphics section under universe. I pulled one of the generic id and put it into the specific graphic id option.
the response was this below:
“graphic_file”: “res:/dx9/model/turret/chain/m/”,
“graphic_id”: 24576
My question is how do I go about turning that into something an html page can use? Do i run that graphic_file somewhere else? I haven’t seen that type of response before.

Thank you for your help

You probably just want to use

That was a great article, I managed to get some things working with it. I am having an issue where the types id for render and icon are not matching. I can pull the pictures for the icons but when I go to the render style, the img doesn’t even load up. Is there a proper way to get the right type ID. My main way I am loading the ID is through the market ID api and not the type Id.

Do you have an example? The IDs should be the same considering they’re the same item.

const icon =${id}/icon
const img =${id}/render;

These are the two I used. The icon gave me the correct one, but the render didn’t load an img.
On a second look it is giving me a bad category error. How do I know the category off the market information or will I have to make a seperate call to find the category.

And what type_id are you using? Not all types have renders, so that would prob be your problem.

  1. 0: 33359
  2. 1: 6963
  3. 2: 11540
  4. 3: 14055
  5. 4: 47975
  6. 5: 16275
  7. 6: 30744
  8. 7: 30745
  9. 8: 30746

Seems like none of these works, is it basically icons are the only things you can use if there is no render?

You can go to like to see what variants that ID has. So in this case yea, all these types only have icons.

You can however pick the size of the icon, so like . However of course the larger you make it the less sharp it’ll become.

Very interesting thats some great info! Would there be a proper way to “test” if an item has a render and if not you could go to the alternative?

I mean do you really need renders for your use case? Given all you want to do is show the icon next to the related type, you don’t really need to have some giant image. Is the 64 sized icon not good enough?

Yea I guess it isn’t truly needed but like you said before it gets noticeably blurry at bigger sizes.

Facing the same Problem atm.
As Zeus mentioned, there are some Id’s that don’t match each other

For example, if i get the typeId for a Lava Planet (universe/types/{type_id}), the ESI Api gets me

  "graphic_id": 3836,
  "group_id": 7,
  "icon_id": 10133,
  "mass": 1e+35,
  "name": "Planet (Lava)"

If i then go to graphic_id 3836 (wich weirdly only supports icon)
no Lava Planet

If i go to icon_id 10133 (ah yes, this one also suports render, but Api says, its just an Icon, very suspicious)
well, still no Lava Planet

To go further, my first try as well was: “yeah, got the graphic_id now, lets send that to universe/graphics/{graphic_id}”

nice try, didn’t get an actual Image, but a path to a “res:” thingy

  "graphic_file": "res:/dx9/model/worldobject/planet/",
  "graphic_id": 3836

(if someone could show me a link to a doc how to use them, i would be very happy)

But sadly im still im back to the Question Zeus had already (graphicIds from Api and images Serer not matching),

Using htt ps:// seemt not to work in this case (im limited to 2 links per post, so had to break this …)

I don’t see any error im my progression, maybe someone knows whats faulty here.

So ok, i wondered what would happen, if i use the type_id as it is.
htt ps://
actually does work, but it only supports icon, icon so small :frowning:
Ingame these Images also do support bigger resolutions than the ImageServer wants to deliver.

You can pass the size as a query param. I.e. Of course the larger you make it the more pixelated it’s going to be since these types aren’t really made to get super large.

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