Performance Improvements - Changes To The Missile System!

Check out this dev blog from the EVE Dev Team for more information on changes to the missile rendering system which have resulted in significant performance improvements in large scale engagements that involve heavy use of missiles!

Read all about it here!



I know it is summer time - but just wondering when this goes live. I didn’t see anything in the blog .


These are client side right, no effect server side? Not that big fights really favour missiles, just wondering.

Excellent. Drones next!

Looks actually pretty good. I always noticed a noticeable performance drop when missile ships started firing in tidi fights. Everything got worse.

I would imagine that this also has server implications as missiles tracking a target requires far more effort than a gun. Guns shoot and hit the target. Missiles launch and then need to find their way to the target while keeping their flight time and velocity and target movement in mind.

Anything to reduce load on the server is good thing. Maybe we can get the actual missile rebalance some time soon as well? Ya?


immunity to tracking disruption

You seems to have forgotten about your addition of missile disruption systems…
And that’s not looking at the old ways of handling this weapon system by just out running them or firewalling.


At specified distances, the engine will cease to draw the mesh, letting the simple blinky and smoke trail convey the positional information for missiles for viewers at longer zooms. This ensures that no gameplay information is lost, but no extra pixels are drawn by the engine.

how bright is the new blinky? the current in game blinky now is barely visible and makes using missiles a pain in the butt. I remember starting the game and enjoying the glowing balls of doom that were missiles. It was easy to see where my missiles were. I always thought it was cool to just watch the missiles fly to the target.

And how do the new explosions look? I was very fond of the old torpedo explosion graphics, although maybe the 20km explosions were a bit much.


People should stop being poor and get a better computer.


Shouldn’t suffer because SOMEONE ELSE is too poor for a good computer


@CCP_Falcon Does this make any change to missiles always despawning on server tick resulting in them having variable range based on how far through a tick the salvo launches?

Why don’t I set up a go fund me and you can donate to my new computer cause. And after I get mine, we can then spend the money in the next poor fellow. :money_mouth_face:


My laptop is from 2013. Early gen i5. Do I qualify for a free upgrade?

Be right back! Going to go roll around for a minute and check my sides.

Okay back.

One: my busted up toaster isn’t 10 years old.
Two: most people who do these massive fights - which I am pretty sure someone already said missile ships hardy get used due to lag creation - run their computers in potato mode.
3: if you spent any time on the forums you would know I (s)troll all over the place hear.
4: What this dev-blog, at least from what I understand from reading it, is CCP not only made missiles friendly to busted up ■■■■ toasters as you would put it, but they also had a decent boost in toasters meeting or exceeding the “recommended” specs. So it becomes a win win for everyone - well not really for the server as the F1ers will still pile as many people as they can into a system to kill something.

5: personally I don’t care if game devs make things work on old ■■■■ or not. I personally just wish they would use the computer resources better. I don’t know how many games I have seen just fail, they want top tier specs but then go an leak resources left and right. CCP has stepped up in recent years on some things and failed at others (mostly just communication to the players so we can plan better).

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Considering how much faster ships are these days and a prevalence of kity doctrines for small gang, it wouldn’t be entirely bad if either the formula for damage application mitigation vs speed is altered, or every missile base explosion velocity gets a buff. The other approach would be to apply a velocity reduction across the entire catalog of ships, after all, if its about reducing load having everything move slower must surely be easier to render.

What’s the point drakes haven’t seen mass use in like 5 years .You’re way too late should’ve looked at drones and fighters.


Damn right. Carriers locking out to 4000km and a Fortizar that costs as much as a super only able to lock out to 450km is just mean.

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The standings penalty for podkilling a player in an NPC corp has been reduced significantly.

Will this influence previous standing losses or will players who had fights keep their -max towards all these NPC corps?

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You think the database could retroactively recalculate standing losses for the last 15 years?

I find your faith in CCP logs disturbing


Cerberuses, Gilas, Sacrileges, Ravens, Rattlesnakes, Jackdaws, Phoenixes, Bombers. You are behind the time, darling.

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