Is it possible to compare heavy and light missiles? Explosion radius? Burning speed? Whats wrong?

The use of special modules seriously weakens the protection of the ship. The damage level for targets with a small signature radius is still different, how many modules you don’t put. Heavy missiles replace light ones at the cost of DPS loss per battle. Therefore, I conclude that in battles where there are small targets, it is more profitable to use only light missiles. And where there are ONLY large targets, you can use heavy missiles. But you can use and light missiles. The existing system for calculating the damage level is ALMOST correct. But it does not take into account that if the ship has a bonus on the speed of missiles, then a heavy missile explodes right on the target’s shield. 1 mm from the shield. And the whole explosion falls on the shield. It would be worthwhile to find out from real military scientists how quickly and strongly large volumes of explosives explode. The calculation of the blast wave is not entirely correct, the explosion of a large volume of explosives that occurs directly on the shield should be considered at full strength. No one computer should affect this. Another thing is if the ship does not have a bonus on the speed of missiles. Too many conventions. I will try to give an example.

As calculated now. An explosive barrel explodes right next to the house. But the house does not receive damage, because the volume and radius of the entire blast wave is 20 square kilometers. At the house a wall burns a little. But the barrel is nearby! We have many ships with missile speed bonuses. But this speed is simply the speed of delivery, affecting only the time to hit. It seems to have too little effect on the level of damage.
Heavy missiles are a set of conditional restrictions. And here we deceived ourselves.

We can conclude that in heavy missiles they hit the target worse. But with the ship’s bonuses for speed, their speed of HM is more than 2 two times more than speed of LM. That is, they definitely reach this ship or very close. And they have more explosives, the explosion is stronger. The radius of the explosion should not have such an effect if hit accurately.

It would be worthwhile to think about the fact that missiles at such a speed can break through the shield. After all, ballistic and hybrid shells that have less weight pierce shields of small strength. Especially with a powerful explosion.
Why even count the radius if 20 kilograms of explosives went through a weak shield and armor and exploded right in the pilot’s capsule? Plz think about it.
Traditionally, I apologize for the bad English.

Holy sheet of wall text.

Basic answer cause I ain’t got time to read all that, use the compare tool

These are rhetorical questions in topic name. The point is that damage caused by large explosions is considered incorrect.

What’s incorrect about this? It’s part of how missile damage is calculated.

If a heavy missile has more speed than a light missile, it cannot do less damage.

Where are you getting this from?
it sounds like you just don’t understand missile damage mechanics.

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You are trying to apply real physics to a game.
Also badly applying physics but eh, the game part trumps it anyway.

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I actually tried to read the OP.

I feel like I need to be medicated. :neutral_face:


I understand the mechanics of an explosion. The explosion begins at the warhead. If the warhead hadn’t reached the shield and the ship, then of course. One could consider the radius of the explosion, the area of ​​the explosion and shield, the distance between the epicenter and the ship. Have you seen the bonus speeds of heavy missiles in ships? 11-12 km / s with my skill and imps. 12 km/sec, Karl. A warhead explodes right at the shield, but in fact, it should break through a weak shield. The area of ​​the warhead is much smaller than the area of ​​the shields. The burning rate is huge, 8-9 km/sec for explosives of our time. The volume of explosives is greater than in a light missile. This means that more pressure comes to the shields than with a light missile explosion. Why is it considered much less? It looks as if the situation was not thought out.

And now it turns out that all the calculations are carried out on the final radius of the blast wave. Yes, the wave will really go 200 meters. Later. When the ship passes. But at the time of the explosion, the ship is right here. And at least half of the charge comes to his shields! Before there will be a radius of 200 meters. This is it in the void 200 meters, radius.

Understand. However, players and developers have long known that heavy missiles lose in PVE. And they are looking for opportunities to improve the balance. For example, testing new modules for ships. I’m just saying how to do this. It is just necessary that the speed of the rocket affects not only the delivery time of the explosives. But it also had a stronger effect on damage calculations. If a barrel of gunpowder explodes near the house, the house must be torn down!

Real life physics doesn’t matter. The way your ship moves doesn’t apply well to real life space physics either.

Heavy missiles do less damage to small targets because the game is designed such that small targets are hard to kill with large weapons.

Try to think of it as the frigate ‘evading’ the heavy missile. Or…just get over yourself a bit?


So the answer is, no, you don’t understand missile damage mechanics.

You’re trying to suggest that EVE Online should replicate real world physics. News flash, kid, this is a video game. :slight_smile:

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We can imagine anything. You probably fly a little on missile cruisers. You know how sad it is - there are 20 missile cruisers and only one missile - light. Let the developers imagine that there are different missiles for cruisers and not just light and garbage.

Where did you come from? 2014?

The missile nerf was years ago. Can’t you put your senseless whining in those

I play the first year. And I found only one sensible article. You could not achieve anything because you did not ache or because you did not want to. No one makes you participate. Maybe I can draw attention to this problem.

This isn’t a problem though. :thinking:
You’re expecting things that work in real life to apply to a video game where it doesn’t, and then complaining that the video game doesn’t work like real life.

If you can show me where CCP said that they hope to recreate exactly how real life missile mechanics worked, your point would make sense. But CCP has never said that, so… :woman_shrugging:

These are all assumptions. Maybe the СCP does not think about it at all. Look at my whining and fix it. They need a comfortable game of players, player satisfaction with the game. One missile for 20 ships, this is not it. Perhaps that nerf was superfluous, developers will think and cancel it. )

Given that fact that you’re literally the only person I’ve seen cry and whine about this, I believe that the players are satisfied.

Can you show me where a significant portion of the playerbase (at least 5%) are NOT satisfied with this?

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Trying to work out if troll or is serious…

The irony.