Lost missiles hit and explosion graphic effect

Yesterday, after the upgrade, I found my missile hit graphic effect was missing.

When the missiles launch, everything was fine, but when they were going to hit something, they simply disappear. No explosion effect.

I’ve double checked my graphical options settings, every option is activated, also I’ve verified downloaded files, but nothing helps. I asked pilots in game, it seems they don’t have this problem.

Did I find a bug or it’s just all about my fault? I don’t know how to fix it.

Please help!:persevere:

Maybe its the fault of incompatible drivers for graphics. Try other version of them.

Sadly, it wasn’t the drivers. I update the latest version but it doesn’t help. Missiles will disappear at around 5 km away the target, both mine and enemy’s.

It is so strange.

latest version sometimes caused problems with EVE. I had to downgrade them one time to get rid of some graphical glitch. But maybe its just some graphics change CCP made that can cause it. CCP develops their own graphics engine with EVE.

I’m so sad… It doesn’t help either.

Now I wonder if it’s the problem of my windows system… I’m using the latest version, win 10 17763.

Or maybe I could reinstall EVE Online.

Daft question but are you close enough to the target as missiles just disappear if you are too far away.

The distance doesn’t matter. But if the target is too close, my missiles will disappear immediately after launch. If the target is far away, my missiles will fly a long time as usual, but disappear when close enough to target. No explosion effect. Target’s shield or armor has no reaction.

Here is the picture. It’s hard to catch the moment and may not so clear.
This missile is from enemy. I’m on my Praxis.

Your saying that you are doing no damage?

There is damage, just no visual effects.:persevere:

tick “Enable GPU particle” effect

sometimes my raven shooting air, highly damaging air particles

Dont reinstall eve, maybe just turn off, accept, then turn on and accept all the graphics options in game. Maybe such reset would fix it.

This happens to me too in my tengu. The missile disappear at about the time they should make contact with the hot points of the target.

Hello, so how did you fix it… I almost have no idea…

@Nana_Skalski Yes I reset all the things, restart game, but it doesn’t work…:disappointed_relieved:

Then the only way is to fill a bug report probably, so it will be looked and maybe fixed in code. There is a lot of stuff broken after the recent patch.

Its driving me crazy my missiles were working fine earlier this week now its just tish and nothing I can do about it either, resaet everything multiple time logged off logged in no difference any fix inc?

I’ve already submitted a bug report. Hope the devs could give some advise.

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GL hope it works… Will be watching the thread to see if any changes are inc.

There is graphics in EVE? I usually have everything zoomed out and only pay attention to the overview.