Missile Trails & Smoke on Directx 11

Good afternoon. I have 2 months without being able to see the missile smoke in the direcxt 11 client. I have sent report tickets and still no answers. Under the directx 9 client everything goes well with respect to the missiles, but then I find green and blue graphic glitches. So I can’t enjoy the game in either of the two modes. I have reinstalled drivers, I also did clean installation of the game from scratch … even in my despair I ended up formatting my computer, without really needing it … so I would like to know if someone can help me … otherwise it makes no sense Keep paying for this game. Well, I feel cheated and I feel that nobody contributes to solve my problem, or at least to indicate some way to do it.

Thanks in advance.

Without any knowledge of your systems specifications and operating system information it’s almost impossible to offer any assistance. My suspicion is that your hardware is lacking in some way, but who can say.
I feel obligated to ask if you may have inadvertently unchecked the box in EVE graphics setting labeled…show missile trails.
Did you really perform all those extreme measures just to see smoke trails from missiles?
It’s a shame that you feel cheated by CCP because you are unable to diagnose a problem with your personal computer.
Good luck to you

Missile trails and snowball trails work fine with DirectX 11 in Windows 10 at 2K resolution with a mid-range RX570 graphics card using the Eve 64 bit client with graphics settings on high.

Something in your configuration is causing the problem and you have provided no information about that configuration people could use to help you.

I’m having this same problem, can’t seem to get them back no matter what changes I make to my graphic settings. Win10 Pro, 2-GTX1080 (SLI) Direct X11 latest Nvidia driver. I have submitted a support ticket, maybe CCP will have an idea. All I see are white dots, for each missile launched, travelling to the target.