ESI-endpoint for retrieving Blueprints

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Developer of here.
The tool provides up 2 date market-data for all the places and items available (except inaccessible player structures). Everything is built to automatically update to the lates patch - adding new items, changing maketgroups and so on.

It also has a production-planer - in a fairly early state. It may come in handy when you are deciding on producing parts on your own or buying them from the maket.

Now here is my problem: Everything updates by using the esi-api except the blueprints. They only seem to be available within the SDE package. Am i correct? Would it be possible to expose the existing blueprints via the ESI-Api too? It would make things totally autonomous for me - and the application would update even if i’m on holiday, ill or whatever.

See SDE parity checklist · Issue #1103 · esi/esi-issues · GitHub and Add blueprint manufacturing/research to industry endpoints · Issue #501 · esi/esi-issues · GitHub

I wouldn’t be in a hurry for any SSO/API related changes that benefit third party developers or expect any pre-announcements.

It’s possible to automate updating from the SDE, since the url to the zip file never change and you can check if it have changed against the checksum. Do note that the zip checksum is for the files inside the zip, not the zip file itself. I use GitHub actions to check for changes every day for jEveAssets.

Could also leverage the etag on the archive. E.g. ETag - HTTP | MDN. Tho you would need to store the last ETag value somewhere. Alternatively you could probably leverage last-modified if it’s easier to know when it was last updated versus store a value to compare. E.g. If-Modified-Since - HTTP | MDN.

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