LazyBlacksmith [] - A tool for lazy industrialists


So, what is that ?

It is (yet another) web tool for industry.
The app itself is written in python + HTML / JS and is opensource on GitHub.
You can try it at this location:

Current features

  • Search blueprints
  • See blueprints informations:
    • Manufacturing
    • Research
    • Invention
    • Reactions
  • View current item prices (currently, only top buy order / lowest sell order from stations are saved from all regions, updated twice per hour)

There are also “authed” features that are fully optional (No data are saved, but your character name, unless you manually add scopes to add specific data) :

  • Save configuration presets for each industry activity (i.e. facility, system, region for price, implants…)
  • Add characters skills to use them as preset for industry
  • Load your blueprints / your corp blueprints to be able to see them.
  • If you don’t like the app or want to remove your data, you can also purge them / delete your account in the app.

Character related data are checked for API (ESI) updates every 5minutes (for now at least)

What if…

If you have any suggestion, question (or if you just want to thank me, lol): you can find me on the tweetfleet slack under the name @althalus.
You can also send a mail to this character, but as I don’t play that much don’t expect a quick reply :slight_smile:
For suggestions / features requests, please use github, I tend to forget things if they are not written somewhere…

If you have any concern about your data, you don’t have to trust me, but:
_ the source code is on GitHub (I deploy it “as is” on
_ you can still use the app without any login / api

I found a bug / an error / whatever !

Great ! As nobody is perfect I probably have made some error. Please report them on GitHub here so I can fix them as soon as I have time !


As I do it only when I have some spare time, new features may not come quick, but here is a small list of what I still want to add :

  • Batch list (market list) : select some blueprint and get all informations you need to build them all together
  • Ore compression
  • Manufacturing list, to compare blueprints and find those that best suits you (isk per hour, etc)

Thanks for reading and using my app !


Great job!) I was looking for something like this

Awesome tool!
Are you planning to add the Thukker rigs ?

Geez, yeah, i need to work on that too (didn’t have that much time for a few month to work on the tool).
I already did an issue for that, so I can’t forget about it at least :slight_smile:

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