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Hey folks, has retired, and I’m continuing to host it at

If you have existing bookmarks or an application that uses them, the links won’t break, but please update them.

For now I’m only running the app, but not developing it further. If you’d like to contribute, check out the Github repo at

Happy manufacturing!


Upcoming Maintenance


Active Maintenance


Completed Maintenance

Here’s a few things that changed recently. Please let me know if anything broke.

  • 28.12.2020: Improved firewall.

Good on ya for continuing this great site!

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Server is performing well.

First picture with response times from the server. Numbers seem stable since the redirect from was put in place.

Second picture are caching statistics from Cloudflare. Redirect started on December 28th, caching looks healthy and I’m starting to get the traffic that the maintainer of reported. That’s a good sign, because it looks like the traffic has shifted without any major problems.

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About one month in and the server is doing very well :slight_smile:

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