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Next Rehost:
My current rehost

Hanns PI

Original: – Original owner saw my reddit post and brought it back online. I will continue to still run my rehost
My current rehost

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Useful QOL Updates from @Tom_Richter
My Updated version 0.8.2 Release 0.8.2 · skiedude/Cerebral · GitHub

Original Post for rehosting hanns PI

Original Post for rehosting Khon/LazyBlacksmith

Cerebral Returns

@Prometheus_Satyen originally created Cerebral circa ~2019. I used it back then and loved it. It however fell by the wayside, and as routes were updated/changed this beautiful tool stopped working.

I’ve got it back up and running on my Windows 11 machine. And published version 0.8.2 on my fork (thanks @Tom_Richter for some nice to have QOL that were sadly never merged to the main repo)

Original Codebase:
TomRichter Fork:
My Fork: Release 0.8.2 · skiedude/Cerebral · GitHub

EDIT Someone just pointed out I failed to upload the setup.exe to the release of 0.8.2, so there was no way to install it without rebuilding locally. I’ve now uploaded the 0.8.2 setup EXE…sorry

Download → install exe → use

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