Lazy Blacksmith looking for new maintainer


I’m looking for a new maintainer for You’ll need to host it yourself. The full source code and docs are available at GitHub - Kyria/LazyBlacksmith: EVE Online Industry app written in python (flask) for backend, html / css / js for frontend

Unfortunately I’m not able to upgrade the SDE due to the latest patch Siege Green, because something change and I’m too bad at Python. And that upgrade attempt also made the blueprints inspector unusable :frowning:

For the devs: It failed to import because the script expected int, but it was NoneType. I have no idea what changed there, and don’t have the capacity to debug and fix it.

Let me know if you’re interested!

@Rihan_Shazih open a ticket on the github and provide the full log, so I can have a look, to see if there’s a quick/easy fix for it
i will try to have a look at it, so at least it’s not blocked


actually, it should be fine now if you use the anakhon/lazyblacksmith:1.0.6 docker image, or the latest image (or release from github).

Upgraded to 1.0.6 and still receiving the error. Will create a ticket on GitHub.

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