Lazyblacksmith - shutdown

Hello there,

It’s with some sadness I announce that i’ll shutdown the site by the end of the year.
The result is that the app will be unavailable starting next year.


Mostly for 3 important reasons:

  • time
  • money (as doesn’t provide me any $$ and it’s was not the goal)
  • the fact I don’t play the game for almost 4 years now.

The github repo will obviously stay, so whoever want to keep updating / hosting the tool, please feel free to do it.

I’m sorry, but I hope you understand.

Edit 28/12: the redirection has been set in place to link the new URL
Official announcement post for the new hosting


I enjoyed using your app and would like to continue it. I’ve achieved EVE Partner status recently through

Would you be willing to transfer the domain?


I will try deploy you project on my server. Can i addres you for help?


Hi Althalus,

I wish you well, completely understand your situation and have really enjoyed your application.

To be honest though, I’m a little devastated that is shutting down, and I hope that Rihan or someone else can maintain it. Like other industrialists, I use it religiously to (a) assess T2 product build profitability based on a ton of dimensions calculates so well with such an intuitive UI and (b) create material shopping lists. Trying to do this with spreadsheets is really … hard, and I like spreadsheets :).

Here’s hoping someone can maintain … otherwise I’ll need to dust off my programming skills and try and run it locally.

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please ping me on slack if possible, it’ll be easier to discuss :slight_smile:

The doc should be enough I think by itself, but feel free to ask, here or on slack (i may take some times to answer, depending on when you ask.

Thanks :slight_smile:
I must say, it’s a bit hard to take such decision, even for good reasons.

Ehh… Whenever it’ll end like this or will go on thanks for this tool. Best one of all I used for almost 6 years… A little bit sad to see it shutdown but anyway that was a good companion for all those years. Good luck in RL.

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Truly was a great tool, it shall be missed

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I’ve got a working version up and running, including static assets and an esi app.


No guarantees for how long I will be able to keep it running/the application maintained, but for now, here’s a re-host of it:

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Sad to hear that. Since I’m linking from Adam4EVE to your site it would be great to know, if these links will fail with the new year or if the domain will be taken over by someone else.

Thanks for providing and maintining this tool and best of luck for your future projects.

I need to finalize things with @Rihan_Shazih as he started already (and we discussed this subject)

Once all is decided, either he will take the domain so you won’t have anything to change, or i’ll make sure there’s a redirection to avoid any failure for such cases until the link is changed on your side (and other tools as well, as iirc jEveAssets also have links for example)


Next steps are securing the various services (database, message queue, …) and getting certificates in place. I’ve done that before, so there’s no real risk. It’s just about finding time over the holidays :slight_smile:

Here’s the new URL:

Please test it over the next days, before we add a redirect from Because of the redirect, no existing links to will break.


Much appreciation to @Althalus_Stenory for originally hosting this amazing tool, and to @Rihan_Shazih for taking up the reins!


Noticed an issue with the research page. Monitoring and alerting for the server is in place now :slight_smile:

We ironed out a couple more things and are ready to switch over. Expect the redirect from to on monday or so.

Any kind of testing is more than welcome!

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From now, the redirection have been set in place to use The redirection should keep the link and redirect you to the requested pages after a short notification page (to make sure everyone is updating his bookmarks).

Basically, what it’ll change for you:

  • if you just used the tool, without having an account: nothing will change except the URL
  • if you had an account with or without ESI data, you will have to set them again

The user data were not transferred (as they were linked mostly to ESI permission, which wouldn’t work without my client_id / secret anyway).

If you used in your app, the link won’t be dead (due to the redirection), but please update it as soon as possible.

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