EveKit Shutting Down Permanently Effective 2019-12-15


I regret to announce that EveKit will be shutting down permanently effective 2020-01-01 (and I’m also retiring from EVE Online). I’ve been running EveKit on and off for the last seven years or so, and have been an EVE player for even longer. It’s been a great run, but it’s time to move on to other things.

Here’s the TL;DR:

Thanks to all the EVE players who gave EveKit a try over the years. I hope the service was useful. Take care and fly safe.



I never used EveKit, but I appreciate all capsuleers who’ve put their time and effort into engineering and maintaining tools for use by the Eve community. I never like to see that someone is leaving us, but all good things come to an end, I suppose. May your other things work out in your favor, but I personally wouldn’t mind if you decide to come visit us again from time to time.

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Would you be open in allowing others to take over the project?

If by “take over” you mean transfer ownership of the codebases then yes I’m happy to add other project owners. If you mean take over the actual site, that might be more difficult.

Really sad to hear this. Thank you for making and maintaining EveKit for all those years.

Fly safe o7

Update: it turns out my SSL certificate expires on 2019-12-15 and since the site is going down it doesn’t make sense to renew, so I’ve moved the shutdown date up two weeks to 2019-12-15.

Update for jEveAssets users of EveKit:
I will be releasing a new version of jEveAssets close to 2019-12-15 that will allow you to migrate your EveKit accounts to ESI (same way you did with the old EveAPI accounts).
Any question you may have in regards to migrating with jEveAssets can be asked on the jEveAssets Discord Server

I also want to thank @salacious_necrosis for keeping the site alive for all those years. Always offering to help me with any problems I had. Thanks!

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