More accesible info on the industry changes?

Whats a SDE? How do I open a SDE? The excel sheet wont open on my ancient version of the spreadsheet software lol.

Is there a webpage where the upcoming changes are listed?

The SDE is a data pack for third-party-developers to use in populating EVE data into their tools. The average player should not be muddling around with the SDE, as it is not meant to be read by a person - it is meant to be read by software.

The changes are outlined in the Dev Blog.

Thank you for explaining about the SDE I appreciate your time.

The dev blog announces the changes but then links to the SDE and the excel spreadsheet for the actual nitty -gritty details. I want to know what changes are specifically happening to the ships that I produce so I can get the BPOs for the new manufacturing components and ME/TE them.

At any rate thank you for your help, maybe i need to bite the bullet and get a non- late 90s version of excel! lol

Ah! Try saving the spreadsheet to google drive and opening in Sheets. It works for me there on my Mac. It should split to an intro tab and then 12 tabs of data, linked from the first tab.

Steve ronuken is getting all that compiled on fuzzworks

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