T3 Desi production


I want to move my production into a citadel in HS.
Checking the rig-boni and saw this:
T3D will gets structure roll bonus, but not the rig bonus like other ships including T3C

Bug or feature ?

Different rigs for different products.

T3D will get bonuses from the Advanced Small Ship Manufacturing Material or Time Efficiency rigs. Since the ships are built from components, the material savings will be modest - mostly metallofullerene plating. If you’re doing runs of 20 ships it may be worth a rig slot.

If you make your own components, you’ll want the Advanced Component Manufacturing Material Efficiency rig. Since you’re probably making components in runs of 1000 or more, the savings are substantial - definitely worth a rig slot!

Check out our Raitaru in Veisto, it has both rigs to produce T3 ships at low taxes :open_mouth: , and only 2 jumps from Jita

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